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Viticulturist Poppies Martinborough

I have been working with Sjef Lamers from Sustainable nutrition for all my viticulture nutrition over the past 10 years. I have very specific requirements that follow a more biological and organic philosophy with the major focus being to produce high quality wines. The fundamentals are that I am growing vines to make wine, the vine must be creating the fruit and structure needed within the parameters required by the winemaker and this all results from the perfect balance between the soils, the vine and the hand that manages. Sjef has an amazing knowledge of how the technical link between everything works along with Sjef's ability to understand my very specific requirements in my vineyards that have delivered the results. I have annual visits from Sjef to discuss the results from soil and petiole tests whilst also looking at individual blocks. For me this is the key to the success to date, Sjef listens and understands what I am personally trying to achieve. Sustainable Nutrition does not sell product so all recommendations are true and specific to requirements not sales targets.
Shayne Hammond,
Viticulturist Poppies Martinborough

Awavine Viticulture

Sustainable Nutrition have been the supplier of choice for Nutrition and Agronomic advice from 1997 to date.I have always appreciated the sound and considered advice from Sjef Lamers given over a range of different requirements and situations in the development of new vineyard areas, some of which were pioneering new areas in the Awatere Valley at the time.This work has continued through the growing on and maturity of these vineyards.There has always been an interest to cater to different disciplines and conditions and to that extent when I varied my interest into the development of American Cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) on the West Coast it was a natural inclination that I sought the services of Sustainable Nutrition to assist in this development.The first commercial volumes of Cranberry were produced in New Zealand there and the assistance and enthusiasm of Sjef Lamers from Sustainable Nutrition was invaluable.I recommend Sustainable Nutrition’s services and have done so on several occasions.
Richard Bowling,
Awavine Viticulture

Jackson Estate

Sustainable Nutrition was recommended to me by a fellow viticulturist 15 years ago. After the second season using Sustainable Nurtition we noticed a marked broadening of the flavour profile in our wines, also vines retained viable leaf later and ripened fruit a little earlier than previously.Sjef is always happy to look at any problems with the vines that may appear and will provide a recommendation to remedy the problem.Another good thing about Sustainable Nutrition is that they don't sell fertiliser; I'm always a little sceptical if the recommendations and the fertiliser are provided by the same agency.Yours sincerelyGeoff Woolcombe. 
Geoff Woolcombe,
Jackson Estate

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