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Field visits to observe soil and plants

Where we like to differentiate ourselves is in making a site visit.  This allows us to take a more holistic approach and look at the total environment affecting your crops rather than just carry out a series of tests in isolation.

Comprehensive tests and interpretation of the results of those tests are invaluable but a field visit allows us to understand a wider picture and add far better understanding and value to our advice.

A field visit may cover such areas as:

Observation of the growth and health status of the crops and soil physical aspects enabling us to recommend management strategies specific to the particular circumstances of your property.

These observations together with soil, leaf, petiole, foliage, herbage and water analyses form the foundations for nutritional advice.

Investigation of suitability of properties for growing fruit, nuts and other crops require a field visit to observe the “terroir”:

  • Topography: slope, orientation, etc
  • Climatic aspects: exposure, wind, temperature, frosts, rainfall, etc.
  • Soil aspects: physical (texture, structure), chemical, sub soils, drainage, etc.

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