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Helping you get the most out of your crops and land

Sustainable Nutrition offers independent consultancy services in soil and plant nutrition for the benefit of the grower and the crop.

By giving clients greater understanding of their soil our service leads to improved quality and yield in plant growth and crop production.

It’s what we do above ground level that makes the most difference. We build strong relationships with clients that lead to lasting gains in soil fertility and crop production.

Sjef listens to and understands what I am personally trying to achieve ... Sustainable Nutrition does not sell product so all recommendations are true and specific to requirements not sales targets. Shayne Hammond

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Field visits to observe soil and plants

Brightwater Vineyards

Where we differentiate ourselves is in making a site visit.  This allows us to take a more holistic approach and look at the total environment affecting your crops rather than just carry out a series of tests in isolation.

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Soil, plant and water test and interpretation.

Soil Analysis

It is very important to fully understand the factors affecting your soil and plant nutrition. During a site visit we may carry out soils tests, leaf tests, irrigation water analysis and advice on other environmental tests.

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Advise based on expert knowledge & literature search


There will at times be areas of advice that need researching e.g. new crops or new management techniques. Part of our service is to recognise these areas, carry out literature searches and then interpret our findings into meaningful information.

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Viticulturist Poppies Martinborough

I have been working with Sjef Lamers from Sustainable nutrition for all my viticulture nutrition over the past 10 years. I have very specific requirements that follow a more biological and organic philosophy with the major focus being to produce high quality wines.

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Shayne Hammond,
Viticulturist Poppies Martinborough

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